Setting up your MAC to print:

Requirements for Printing on your computer
1. Account established on the print Server. (PMP) If you do NOT have an account, see Will.
2. Must have a logged in connection established with the PMP Print Server, in order to print.

ESTABLISH connection to print server:
Select “Go”
Select “Connect to Server

Enter “smb://”  then CONNECT



Bring up system preferences and open Printers & Scanners.

  • Under printers, press the plus symbol
  • Press the “Advanced” Icon in in the Toolbar
    • If missing, right click in blank icon space
    • Select Customize Toolbar…
    • Drag advanced Icon into the Toolbar…
  • Change Windows Type to “Windows Printer via spools”
  • Change URL: to point to the printer (COPY BOLD, Paste)
    • smb://    (Color Printer, 3rd Floor)
    • smb://   (Black & White Printer, 3rd Floor)
    • smb://    (Black & White Printer, 2nd Floor)
    • smb://    (Color Printer, 2nd Floor)
  • Name: “EVSC…”
  • Location: “Clark Hall”
  • Use: “Generic PostScript Printer”
  • Press “ADD”
  • Check the “Duplex” box
  • Press “Ok” this will complete installing the printer

Repeat to add second printer.

Monitor your printing ACCOUNT: Press Here

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291 McCormick Rd, Clark Hall
Charlottesville, Va.

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