To all Arts and Sciences Faculty and Staff,

Internet security and confidential use of data is critical to all of our roles in working with students and colleagues. Please review these policies and tips to be sure you are in compliance.

• Passwords must not be written down or shared. The one exception is for escrow purposes where you may save your passwords in a sealed envelope locked in a secure location for emergency access by others in your absence.
• Safeguard your password and UVa Identity Token (iKey) as they can be used with your computing ID for identity theft. Your Identity Token should never be left in your computer overnight or when you are out of the office.
Viruses, Malware and Phishing:
• Be sure your computer’s antivirus software is updated regularly.
• Scan your computer for viruses – at least weekly.
• Do not open email attachments that you are not expecting.
• Beware of email phishing scams attempting to have access to your computer or your personal identifying information. Suspected emails can be forwarded to .
Data Backups:
• Make sure your files are backed up regularly (at least weekly). Work with your LSP if you are unsure of your backup options.
Internet and Data Security:
• Make sure web sites are secure (HTTPS://) before placing any on-line orders.
• Highly sensitive data should not be sent via email, unless the message or attachment is encrypted.
• Make sure any VPN sessions are disconnected when not in use and when away from your desk.
• Use Identity Finder to scan your computer and departmental shared drives, at least quarterly.
Know your responsibilities:
• Review the University polices found in the Responsible Computing Handbook and Electronic Access Agreement..
• Review the University’s copyright policy.
• Keep current on the University’s security issues and alerts.
• Take the Information Technology Security Awareness Tutorial annually.

For more information please contact me or your Departmental LSP.

Aron Teel
Director A&S Computing Services

Department of Environmental Sciences
291 McCormick Rd, Clark Hall
Charlottesville, Va.

University of Virginia Environmental Sciences Department Charlottesville Virginia